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Security Committee Recommendations 
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RECOMMENDATION To CDD Board: The posture of the community to safeguard users at the community pool area needs to be improved. The current steps and procedures to include a Pool Safety Email-Blast, 4-6 Foot Fence, No Lifeguard Signs, Fingerprint Access, Unmanned Security Cameras, and Pool Attendance are not working in unison and effectively to protect the most vulnerable, our children. Here is a list of recommendations for the supervisors to consider:
1. Safety Education: Increase Pool Safety Education via Email Blast, Social Media (Facebook), Islander and Electronic Marquees.
2. Fingerprint Scanners: Employ additional full/part-time pool attendance staff to help users of the pool use the scanners to gain access to the pool area.
3. Fencing: Increase the height of the current fence. The height of the current fence does not deter users of the pool from jumping over the fence because they cannot/does not want to use the Fingerprint scanners. A 10ft+ fence is recommended and recycle the present fence to another area in the community.
4. Signage: Increase & simplify current Pool & Recreational Area signage to enhance awareness to:
a. No Alcohol
b. No Smoking
c. Using Fingerprint Scanners
d. Pool Safety Rules
e. No Jumping Fence
f. NO Lifeguard On Duty (if supervisor vote not to employ permanent Lifeguards).
5. Pool Attendants: Highlighting Duties and Increase Visibility of Pool Attendants by:
a. Uniform shirt/blouse/vest should state “Not Lifeguard or NO Lifeguards On Duty”.
b. Trained to enforce pool rules by consistently reporting to staff and/or Law Enforcement those that refuse to follow posted safety rules.
6. Beach Club Staff: Implement policies approved by supervisors to better and consistently hold users accountable for not wanting to follow rules and/or repeatedly breaking Pool and Recreational Area rules.
7. Lifeguards: Hire permanent Lifeguards:
a. To mainly ensure pool safety and Life-Saving Emergency Procedures.
b. Pool Attendants will continue their normal duties in and outside the Pool Area including the Recreational Area around the Pool.
c. Secure the appropriate Life Insurance.
8. Pool Hours: Consider closing the Pool when there is no Lifeguard on duty.
a. Other surrounding communities such as Arbor Green have Lifeguards on duty and close their pool whenever there is no staff on duty.
- No Parking Signs
1. Installing of no parking signs between the entrance to Barbados Isle and the first homes. Increased near auto accidents as more vehicles are using this space to park their vehicles.
- Hurricane Preparedness
1. Is the community ready? What security steps can be included in our overall security posture to prevent looters and unwanted visitors from targeting homes and CDD properties after the gates are left open with limited security guards’ coverage.

Mon Aug 08, 2022 11:59 am
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