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Thank you Cyril. I am not saying results are wrong, results are what they are. I am saying the interpretation to sell the land to build a new gym is unconvincing as a result of this survey. I disagree with
Re:" It just means that the majority of residents who responded and, who are 95% likely to represent the average opinion of the community at-large, are ok with selling the land between Capri and Canary and building a new facility, given the information that they had."

41 people checked YES when they had the option to check YES, only paid by sale of land. This means they really want the gym and they are ready to pay for it. Can we for 100 % certain say that these 41 who want the new gym are also ok to sell the land? What if there were an option in the survey read: YES, only if we paid for it? Are we fully sure that this option would have gotten ZERO vote? Sounds crazy right, who would want to pay if it comes free? But I think there might be people who would want a gym, and would also want to pay for it even if it comes free with sale of land because they may think it is a mistake to sell that land for an uncertain development. I would be one of these crazy people. $684 for a gym I want, I am ok to pay for it, rather than seeing something that will bring more congestion to my backyard.
I do not think you can, with any scientific or moral accuracy, make the assumption that these 41 actually also wanted to sell the land if it was on the table. The other numbers here are 76 no and 68 yes by land... And 92 actually says just 'expand'.

The first survey results show that many residents asked for improved, expanded gym. There is only one entry for "new fitness center". There are some other ambiguous entries but many read improve, expand, better equipment. I am attaching all the entries with 'gym', or 'fitness center' below.
The second survey had only two questions about gym. Questions 38 and 39 asked for "renovate", "expand" gym respectively, and they both got around 50 yes.
New fitness center pops up on the 3rd survey, and comes with land sale.

I am not convinced as to procedure is done properly to say the majority thinks differently from me and they want to sell the land for a new gym.

Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:38 pm
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First survey entries:

6 Better gym

19 For such a big community one small gym with less equipment is not good sucks when we go there and wait for ur turn to do work out ..

24 Build a new fitness center [THIS IS THE ENTRY ASKING FOR A NEW GYM]

40 Improve the GYM

54 Volleyball court and enhancing gym with more equipment and increase back entrance security timings

56 Looking for beach volleyball court with lights that we can use during night time also. Upgrade Gym

59 Sand Volleyball court, connect Capri isle with Cory lake with shorter route, Increase gym space area, fountains for
Capri isle ponds, small play area , benches in Capri isle common areas with more kids, Beach club party rent should
be waived with only deposits

75 Improve the gym.

78 Put more efforts and money to improve, upgrade, and expand our community gym (located in the clubhouse) and
expand our outdoor recreational area by adding additional basketball courts to go along with the addtional tennis

84 Approve capital expenditure on Gym, Volleyball courts

93 Add to the gym, keep tennis courts clean, reduce party rental fees, and add pool table to clubhouse.

112 Continue to invest in the infrastructure of the community (pool, tennis courts, community center, fitness center, etc.)
with continued community events. Would be great to build an extra basketball court. The street pavers need work as
the different patches of colors of the stones is suboptimal.

113 1. Thicker landscaping at Cross Creek entrance 2. Clean and/or replace stained furniture inside beach club 3. Working
kitchen at beach club 4. New Smith machine in gym 5. Keep community landscape areas fresh/new with seasons

116 improve the gym

117 There are several things I'd like to see, not necessarily in any specific order: I would like to see better lighting on the
streets at night; I would like to see better control of speeders on the roads; an improved fitness center, a "lake
destination" such as a tikki bar or something opened limited hours where families using the boats could socialize, a
par fitness course that uses the available sidewalks and other land, better bus stops so parents are not blocking the
roads in the morning from the different Isles waiting for the bus in the vans and SUVs, a cleaner lake,

120 Continue to update and beautify all facilities. Renovate the gym and bring back the volleyball courts, add furniture to
back of beach club so residents can utilize the space. Clean our sidewalks and streets.. Truly enforce residents who
violate yard, mold, trash issues.

131 1. Build or expand the gym. 2. Resurface/replace the entire Cory lake drive roadway. 3. Establish a end of life
community to plan for replacement of EOL projects

136 Provide more rental restrictions. Improve the size of the fitness center.

137 Improve the gym. The size and equipment (outdated and constantly broken) does not reflect the community that Cory
Lakes is.

145 An investment in our workout facility would be greatly appreciated. I used to use the facility daily but find that more
and more people are taking advantage of the gym but the equipment and space has not increased to support the

153 The GYM for sure

Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:47 pm
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This is a very significant project that has many implications. It seems to me that a "new survey" should be sent out specifically addressing the consideration of building a new gym. This should include the option of a one-time $684 cost per residence vs selling the land to a developer so they could build more homes. This survey should also include the cost of expanding or renovating the current gym.

I believe that when given this knowledge most, including myself, would vote for a one time fee of $684 and vote against selling the land. It's a no brainer... $684 per residence or further cluttering Cory Lake Isles and making the community less visually appealing. A developer could care less what effect it has on the community as a whole one his job is completed. Unless someone stands to gain monetarily from the sell of the land through a kickback from a developer, it seems unreasonable to sell the land.

If the board were to go ahead with plans to sell the land to a developer without proper and better informed input from homeowners in Cory Lake Isles, legal options should be considered to put a halt to this until such a time when a true survey is representative of the entire project's pros and cons.

Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:07 am
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Would vote No for sale of land also.

Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:16 am
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I agree that an expanded gym is all this community needs. I am not in favor of selling land in order to build a huge gym complex. I don't need a YMCA-like gym in my back yard. Quite honestly I don't think residents will use it enough to justify the cost. I especially do not agree with selling off our last little bit of land. Keep that land for OUR residents for future green space, dog park, soccer field etc...

Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:42 pm
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YES!!!! It is ridiculous to hold up traffic for that long. More importantly it will be safer for kids to get them off the main road. One day, an impatient driver is going to whip around that bus and something bad is going to happen. I know they don't like for the buses to have to turn around but perhaps the bus could go through the Capri and make several stops.

Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:47 pm
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Can we please consider and budget for some added parking areas throughout the community where guests can park for several hours or overnight? This would make it easier for residents to make sure their guests are compliant with our rules. Thank you.

Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:48 pm
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I agree, that piece of land should be returned to the residents for some communal program like a dog park and kept green. I think Cory Lakes is saturated with houses to its limits already.

Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:43 am
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I have to say that I am appalled by the number of responses here despite what we hear on the street and social media [I will also have to say this, the President of the United States tweets everyday to form public opinion, and this board will not care about anything written on social media to form its opinion.]

It is quite difficult to be responsible here. I think we can literally sell the streets of the CLI for example, with a survey, and I seriously believe this can happen with an accurate wording, and I believe not more than 5-6 people will raise voice until they realize their streets are sold...

I kindly ask the 5 CDD members to be responsible and perhaps listen what is posted on the Sunshine Boards even if the numbers are low, the voice is strong.

In a recent exchange, Mr. Burman reminds us "For those of you who were here when the Capri sale was contemplated you will recall the CDD Board held several open meetings before a final decision was voted upon". I believe this cannot support the way CDD performed at that time or should perform ever. It is clear now that Capri was a mistake and the CDD cannot blame the residents for not participating enough. They had the vote, they were the elected power. They misused it.

Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:17 am
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