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Possible New Gym 
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This was originally posted by Levent Kara under the Miscellaneous Topic. This was created as a new post for ease of replying.

This is about a possible new gym.

If you are still entertaining the idea that we need a new gym, which I share, even after last year's survey of residents where the new gym was rejected by a land slide, I would suggest you look into overhauling the current inadequate club house [not even ADA!] and integrating a new gym with a new community center. Last year's rejection, I believe, was a result of immature politics, rushing a gym with sale of land and new development.

As an architect and community designer, I believe a new gym as a separate structure will be patchy at best and will suit neither the needs of residents [last year's survey is proof here] nor the aesthetics of the community. Removing the hockey ring [as proposed in the past year for a new gym] is not a good idea as that ring gets quite a use by various activities in addition to regular hockey residents use it for. Being a safe paved surface, the ring will continue to be used by many for teaching and entertaining kids with different skills from RC vehicles to biking [which I did for both of my kids].

I certainly believe that we can elevate the community to a much desired level with a better designed community center that integrates with the pool better and houses a gym that fits our needs. We have enough space to do this between the pool and the boat ramp.

I wish these statements can be heard and evaluated sincerely.

Levent Kara

Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:28 am
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